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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order my prints in COLOR instead of Black & White?

YES...Although the original 11x14 is printed in Black & White every portrait is available to purchase in color for an additional $10.00 and is indicated on the order form.

Do the staff and teachers receive a discount?

YES...The teachers and staff receive a 50% discount off the total amount purchased.

Does the school receive a commission?

YES...Once ALL the photos are accounted for, the school will receive a 10% commission on the sale of every original 11x14 sold (not on the gross amount sold but on the original 11x14 only)

What happens if some parents keep the photos without paying for them?

I do not hold the school responsible for missing photos. I do ask that the school make every effort to help us get these photos paid for or returned but inevitably there are always a few people who simply refuse to pay or return and we simply release the school of any liability and move on.

We love the picture but we don't want an 11x14. Can we replace the 11x14 for something smaller?

YES...On each order form it is clearly marked so the parents can purchase any one of our 5 packages available and return the original 11x14 in exchange for another smaller size of their choice at no additional charge.