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Our School Portrait Program

How It Works

Our Portrait program is very simple. It's just me, a camera and a passion to create works of art that will be proudly displayed for a lifetime. I don't need lights, backdrops, bunnies or crazy props.

On the day of the shoot I will find a spot outside to create our masterpiece and then photograph one class at a time. Infants are the exception and I take their portraits right in the classroom to insure they remain stress free and calm in their own environment. The teachers LOVE that they do not have to upset the infant’s normal schedule.

I work as quickly as possible; however, I am very patient with every child and care deeply that each picture is the best it can be. Although some children are simply too overwhelmed to take a photo, EVERY CHILD MATTERS TO ME!

After the portrait day is done, I will return to my production studio and go to work creating beautiful works of art. This process will take no more than three weeks as I lovingly retouch each portrait to insure Fine Art standards, reproduce the final images on museum quality printers using the finest photographic papers and inks.

I will deliver an 11x14 original print of every child to the school and you will pass them out to the parents to take home and review. Our package prices are very reasonable and range from $85.00for the most expensive to $30.00 for the least expensive.

If a parent wishes to make a purchase they will fill out an enclosed order form and return it with payment to the school by the stated reorder deadline which is usually around one week. If they do not desire to buy the portrait they can return it with no obligation. A few days after the deadline, I will pick up the reorders and the returns.

Printing the reorders is completed in house on the same printers as the originals using the same papers and inks to maintain the highest quality reprints. We then package the reorders ourselves and deliver them back to the school.

That's it! It's that simple!

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